Our Services

Surveying and Mapping

The emergence of drone technology is already providing unmatched benefits including increased safety, faster data processing and substantial cost savings.

If one sector embodies the move of drones into the mainstream, it is in topographic surveying. This is where unmanned aircraft are now a fundamental part of modern map making.

It is accepted that drones have single-handedly changed how topographic surveying is carried out. Traditional hand-held site surveying equipment is now being replaced by drones, which in a fraction of the time can fly over a site capturing high resolution images which can be stitched together to create digital terrain models to orthophotos, providing huge performance and budgetary benefits to the client.

Roof and Building Inspections

Working at height to inspect a roof or structure can be a dangerous exercise. To do it safely requires specialist access equipment in the form of lifting platforms or scaffolding. This takes time and money to organise and even then the risk to the person (s) is still not fully removed.

In a fraction of the time and for considerably less money we can deploy a drone that feeds live images to a ground station so that the survey can be undertaken from the safety of terra firma.

Property Marketing

Aerial photography or video imagery can make a massive difference when presenting a property to the market. It is an invaluable asset to potential buyers, estate agents or architects by providing a unique perspective of your home.

By capturing high resolution images and 4k video of your property we can help make it stand out from the crowd.

Filming and Photography

Using our remotely piloted aircraft (RPA’s) at heights of up to 400ft we are able to produce exceptional quality imagery for both the private client right through to larger corporates.

For most filming and photo shoots we provide a cameraman to help capture the perfect picture, which enable the pilot to safely operate the flying platform. Working alongside the director we will help plan the shot and deliver the footage you want, which can then be immediately reviewed on set.